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Avis [Novamnm.com]


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@JuL'59 Alors:


Pour info, je viens de passer une commande pour la quatrième Box. (Gang of New York).

Et effectivement l'option K-pack n'y est plus. J'ai dû mettre 58$ de fdp.

Dans Mon cas c'est toujours valable car j'ai vendu une Édition que j'avais à 40€ Donc la Box me revient fdp in a 64€ sinon c'est 104€ .


Et la Box de "a brighter summer day" payée avec l'option K-pack restait en suspend.

Du coup ils vont pouvoir mettre les deux Dans Le même colis.

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Dernier communiqué de Nova sur Facebook



Here's a quick guide to the upcoming launch of Nova Media.
- NOVA EXCULSIVE 030 <Dark Waters> schedule.
The pre-order for NOVA EXCULSIVE 030 <Dark Waters> that we announced with <1917> will be held around mid-April.
Steelbook production and disc inspection are under way, and we will notify you of the exact release date later.
- <1917> Plain Edition and 4K+BD Composite Pack to be released
Due to the interest of many people, NOVA EXSCULSIVE 029 <1917> was quickly sold out.
Plain edition and 4K+BD combined packs will be released, and design confirmation has been completed and 4K UHD diskc are being inspected.
We are aiming for pre-order and release in very near future. After checking the final product, we will notify you of the exact release date.
- Regarding the remastering works of director Wong Kar-wai.
We know many people are waiting for director Wong Kar-wai's remastering works. For those of you who are curious, here is the approximate launch plan.
Director Wong Kar-wai's remastering works will be released individually, and the first one will be "In the Mood for Love" Also, it will be released as an exclusive steelbook.
Currently, it is under design confirmation, and future remastering works by Wong Kar-wai's, such as Happy Together and Fallen Angles will be released as exclusive steel books.
When it comes to disc configuration, we've produced Blu-ray discs and UHD discs (including HDR), and there's little difference in quality, so we're going to make it a exclusive steelbook of remastered Blu-ray (1 disc) versions.
(We will announce the quality comparison video later.)
Regarding other package specifications, we will notify you when internal results such as design confirmation are completed.
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@deepdro Nova dit que l'EMS est redevenu en gros presque obligatoire pour la Chine .... mais Nova est en Corée du Sud ??!!!


J'ai préco la derniere edition Plain Archive qui sort le 7 Novembre, en optant pour la livraison normale .... eux aussi sont en Corée du Sud ... j'espere que les commandes ne vont pas se perdrent , car on approche qd même de la fin d'année (seulement 2 mois)

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