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The Mummy Trilogy [EverythingBlu - Blu Pick #002]

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Single steelbooks sold as a trilogy
Faux Leather Slipcase to hold all 3 SteelBooks,
design based on the “Book Of The Dead"
Limited to only 680 units
Blu Pick Series 002: The Mummy Trilogy (not to be confused with the trilogy steelbook. This is for the single steelbooks sold as a trilogy)

EverythingBlu will be releasing The Mummy Trilogy (single SteelBooks) as our second release in the Blu Pick Series. Check out the details below:

• Limited to only 680 units worldwide
• Faux Leather Slipcase to hold all 3 SteelBooks, design based on the “Book Of The Dead”
• Embossing
• De-bossing
• Gold Foiling
• Gold foiled Numbering (Directly applied onto slipcase)
• Felt interior with 2x dividers - to stop the SteelBooks making contact with one another and causing damage

Price, Pre-order & Release details along with the artwork of the Faux Leather Slipcase will be revealed very soon.

Let us know what you think & thank you to everyone supporting EverythingBlu!

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à l’instant, The_dreamwalker a dit :

Les films ne m'ont jamais attirée mais putain que les steels sont beaux !

Les deux premiers sont vraiment pas mal, le troisième sans être mauvais est moins fun je trouve...

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ANNOUNCEMENT! EverythingBlu BPS 002 The Mummy Trilogy (Slipcase Artwork pending approval) Full Details Below:
• Limited & Numbered to only 680 units worldwide
• Faux Leather
• Real Wood (top and bottom) to simulate pages
• Detailed Embossing
• Detailed De-bossing
• Gold Foiling Including Gold Sequential Numbering applied directly to the slipcase
• Plush interior with 2x dividers to separate steelbooks preventing damage.
SteelBook Details:
• Matte Finish
• Embossing to central image (front)
Debossing to title



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Lien de la BOX

Bonne nouvelle : y'a de la VF en audio et sous titres

Par contre elle est au même prix que le box de Shaun of the Dead qui comprend un seul film et 2 steelbooks alors que celle-ci comprends 3 films et 3 steelbook...

J’espère que la prochaine est l'intégrale de Star Wars...

Edited by deepdro

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