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aufdringlich a gagné pour la dernière fois le 18 novembre 2013

aufdringlich a eu le contenu le plus aimé !

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  • Date de naissance 19/06/1989

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  1. Benoit, i truly think this is the best steelbook for Divergent out there. It's a beauty! Congrats! The movie wasn't anything special, though.
  2. Hi Buddy, long time no talk! Thanks.
  3. To bad zavvi stopped releasing Disney' steelbooks. they were a beauty. Can't believe the collection has Planes, but not The Sword in the Stone!!! The road looks amazing in hand
  4. Audio : no information available yet Sous-titre : no information available yet Région : B Date de sortie : 20/11/13
  5. Audio : Pas de VF Sous-titre : Pas de STF Région : B Date de sortie : 10/10/11
  6. Long time no talk, my friend! Yes, I did... for face/off only! One of many beautiful packages waiting for me in Portugal when i arrived. Thank buddy! I
  7. Love both versions! And i have both on pre-order. Loving that 1/4 slip.
  8. Oh boy, this sucks. It doesn't have spine!!! If you have multiple fr4mes, you have no idea which film is on it... they should ask costumers what we thought about it, before release this crap.
  9. Why people keep seeing this crap? Or producing it!!! 3 is more than enough. For god's sake.
  10. I'm looking forward to watch this movie, to be honest.
  11. OMG, so many known actors on there! I don't know if it is a good thing. Hope all them appears more than 10m. i liked the trailer anyway.
  12. Uau! This is a must. Blufans all the way. Hope for a exclusive artwork, but if not i'm sure there's gonna be awesome extras.
  13. TitiAien, nice ones! The best edition so far for Argo, in my opinion.