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Member introductions

Passage OBLIGATOIRE pour tous nouveaux membres.

Charter to read before posting

Here are some rules specific to the forum Blusteel.fr:

Read them carefully, disregarding these rules as well as any actions aimed at breaking the cohesion and sowing trouble in the forum, can lead either to the closing of the message (closing of the subject, we speak of "close a thread" ) Or the deletion of the message concerned or the removal of the subject or, in extreme cases, the temporary or permanent banning of the offender.

General rules

* 1. This forum is a place of dialogue and exchanges where good behavior is de rigueur. Please write clear and understandable messages, preferably without abbreviations, and avoiding that your prose is made illegible by too many spelling mistakes.

* 2. When creating a new discussion topic, make sure that another message does not already address the same topic. It is also important to remember that the clearer the title of the message the more likely you are to have an answer (s).
Do not use special characters (type *,! Or @) to attract attention (especially in classified ads), this only tends to make the list of subjects incomprehensible. (Also try to post your messages in the right forum: no need to announce new features in the background ...)

* 3. When replying to a message, choose (for clarity) to respond by clicking on the "quote" icon and then select the part of the person's message to which you Answer: it is unnecessary to keep the quotation of the entire initial message.

* 4. a. 'Avatars' are limited in size, 120px x 120px.
B. The images in the signature are allowed but to keep a better legibility in the messages this must be in a spoiler.
c. Userbars are allowed (maximum size 350x20).

* 5. Smileys are strongly advised but avoid abuses so that, once again, not to make your message illegible. Nothing serves to put 2 or 10 following. One is enough.

* 6. Personal conversations / H.S are not allowed and will be deleted without notice. To do this, write to MP.

* 6a. Spam and Trolls are also prohibited and are deleted without notice.

* 7. Verbal attacks or insults against the members, the team of moderators of Blusteel.fr are totally forbidden. Report to the moderators any aggressive remarks about you or other members, as well as messages that violate the charter.

* 8. Political discussions (which have no place here and cause many clashes), racist, homophobic or pornographic statements are prohibited.

* 9. Any incitement to illegal practices aimed at undermining respect for intellectual property and copyright (in particular, but not limited to, exchange of pirated software or photocopies of copyrighted works on Copyrights, .mp3 or duplicate movie exchanges).

* 10. Any violation of the integrity of Persons or Companies (including Blusteel) is strictly prohibited.

* 11. It is forbidden to advertise other forums, blogs or sites (including "your signatures") without the consent of the team of moderators.

* 12. The creation of multiple accounts is prohibited. Only one account per person is allowed.

* 13. Access to the "bulk orders" section is available to members with at least 45 messages on the forum. (See the specific rules for "bulk orders" in the relevant section).

* 14. The creation of "classified ads" is subject to specific rules, and must be approved by a moderator beforehand. (See the specific rules for "classified ads" in the section concerned.

* 15. Photos and images must be reduced in size and weight before posting. If you have many photos, please put them between spoilers. To allow a smooth display, because not everyone has a fast connection.
If these rules are not followed, your photos will be deleted without notice.



Moderation consists in modifying the messages of their contents or in suppressing them when they are not in conformity with the stated rules.

Moderators / Administrators / Supervisors, also known as "Modos", have the ability to qualify messages and enforce the rules of this Charter without prior notice to moderators.

The decisions of the team moderators should not be challenged publicly.

Sanctions for Non-Compliance with the Charter

Members who do not follow the rules will receive a warning from the moderators team.
- 3 warnings = ban of a few days (depending on the severity of the warnings received)
- 5 warnings = final ban / exclusion.


Exclusion decision

The exclusion (final or fixed term) of a member who does not respect the rules can be decided by a vote in the form of a survey between the team moderators and the administrators. Voting shall be by a majority of the votes cast.

In case of recidivism and / or serious misconduct (ex: an excluded member who registers with another nickname), the account will be definitively and directly banned without a vote.

Blusteel.fr reserves the right to revoke or refuse access to this site, its various services and sections for any reason and at any time, without warning or notice.

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