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Info Filmarena


Jan a fait un communiqué sur Facebook ... à cause des problemes dans certains pays dû au Covid-19, FA a décidé d'expédier uniquement via DHL,

mais surtout ils utilisent maintenant et jusqu'à nouvel ordre ... DHL Worldwide Express.


Donc d'où le fait que j'ai reçu ma commande tres tres rapidement.

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Posted (edited)

Communiqué Filmarena sur Facebook concernant l'envoi & retard de certaines éditions 


Dear collectors,


we would like to inform you about the shipped and prepared editions.


Our expedition team now needs one more business day to ship the last packages featuring BB 22 - 25, and we will move on to the expedition of the FAC 130 title, which was completed today.

On May 27, the FAC 131 edition will be ready and we will start dispatching.


According to the information from the assembly team, the first edition of FAC 132 should be ready on June 2, 2020 and a week later, ie. on June 9, the second edition of FAC 132 will be finished. The next day, all pairs should be inserted in Hardboxes.


We estimate that the shipping of all orders containing these four editions will take about a week.

Then we can jump to the titles, which we will gradually begin to imagine in the coming days ... FAC 133 INCEPTION, FAC 134 X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX and two more... 1f642.png:)


Let us kindly apologize for the delays.

Edited by vinny91

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