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A Brighter Summer Day [Novamedia Exclusive #??]

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Dear Customer,
We are happy to announce our next Nova Exclusive <A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY>.

<A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY> is a movie describing the boy’s childhood and disturbed Taiwanese History directed by the Edward Yang who represents the Taiwanese New Wave. 
When it was released, it didn’t have a success but soon it was praised by many directors and critics. Also, in last November, it has been theatrically re-released to show the power of the movie.

At first, this can be a strange movie but movie has a great depth and stories that you will enjoy. <A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY> will include very detailed commentary by a critic to explain the movie in more depth. 
(Including the OST CD is under negotiation, we will announce more in the future).

We are preparing <Reservoir Dog>, <Pulp Fiction> and many more in the future. Thank you for your interest.

Thank you
Nova Media

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il y a 4 minutes, Derek a dit :

Après Manta,ils veulent aussi me faire arrêter ma collection Nova ? C’est quoi ce film encore :40_rage:

Je trouve assez étrange qu'ils sortent ce film en steelbook. Nova Exclusive c'est forcement un steelbook ou ça peut être un amaray ?

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Il y a 1 heure, magik a dit :

Je trouve assez étrange qu'ils sortent ce film en steelbook. Nova Exclusive c'est forcement un steelbook ou ça peut être un amaray ?

C’est forcément un steelbook si c’est un Nova Exclusive,les amaray sortent sous l’appellation Nova Amaray

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Dear customers,
Today we are very happy to announce pre-order details for NOVA EXCLUSIVE No.20 <A Brighter Summer Day> OST+STEELBOOK COMBO Pre-order.

<A Brighter Summer Day> is directed by Edward Yang who’s part of the Taiwanese New Wave and this movie shows different angles of social and political issues of the Chinese immigrants who fled from China to Taiwan. 
Despite the movie’s 4 hour running time, movie has a very significant and story for the history. NOVA EXCLUSIVE NO> 20 <A Brighter Summer Day> includes the commentary from Jeong Seongil critic who has contributed to explain the movie. If you watch the movie together with the commentary, you will further understand the movie’s meaning and depth.
Also, NOVA EXCLUSIVE No. 20 <A Brighter Summer Day> will include the OST+steelbook combo and OST includes the old pop such as Elvis Presley and others. This OST is released for the first time in the world together with the Blu-ray steelbook and OST will be produced only for this release. Little Big Pictures which is in charge of distribution of movie has agreed to this special release after a long negotiation for the fans in Korea. Not only, <A Brighter Summer Day> has a lot of meaning to be released as a steelbook but it includes commentary from Jeong Seongil critic and the only available OST CD in the world with the exclusive steelbook so the package will be a gift to the collectors that love <A Brighter Summer Day>.
Theatrical subtitle has been fixed through our careful QC so please enjoy the revised subtitle. There are 2 Full Slip and 1 Lenticular Slip editions for this release. Box Set will include Full Slip A, B, Lenticular Slip, OST lyrics book (52P) and original poster. We will post the materials very soon.

1) Pre-order date/time: 5th Jul, 2018. 10 PM (Korea Time, UTC+9)
2) Release date/time: 27th Jul, 2018
3) Price & Print run (Total print run = 4K, Domestic=2K, International=2K)
- FULL SLIP A: 900 copies, numbered : $ 36.99
- FULL SLIP B: 700 copies, numbered : $ 36.99
- LENTICULAR FULL SLIP : 1000 copies, numbered : $ 37.99
- QUARTER SLIP : 500 numbered : $ 33.99 (Not include BOX Set)
- One click BOX Set : 300 copies, $129.99 (As same numbered Full slip A + Full slip B + Lenticular slip)
*BOX Set GIFT : Lyrics book 52p,ORIGINAL POSTER
4) Package details
* 1.85:1 / 1080P(FullHD)
* Audio : Chinese DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, Commentary (영화평론가/ 정성일)
* Subtitles : Korean, English, Chinese 
* Region : All
* Number of disc : 2disc (BD + OST)
* Special Features
Disc 1 (Blu-ray)
- Trailer (01:31)
- A One And A Two Trailer (01:33)

Disc 2 (OST)
1. Why - 原唱 : Frankie Avalon 1959
2. Poor little fool - 原唱 : Ricky Nelson 1958
3. Angel baby - 原唱 : Rosie & the Originals 1961
4. Don't be cruel - 原唱 : Elvis Presley 1956
5. Mr. Blue - 原唱 : The Fleetwoods 1959
6. Why (guitar instrumental)
7.Are you lonesome tonight - 原唱 : Elvis Presley 1960
8. This magic moment - 原唱 : Jay & The Americans 1969
9. Only the lonely - 原唱 : Roy Orbison 1960
10. Never be anyone else but you - 原唱 : Rick Nelson 1959
11. Peggy sue - 原唱 : Buddy Holly 1957
12. Are you lonesome tonight (guitar instrumental)

* 36 pages booklet
* 4x character card
* 5x post card

Thank you.

Thank you.
Nova Media



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